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Meet the face
behind the posts

Hi there, I'm Fayosola (Pronounced as FAH-YOR-SAW-LA). 

I'm also known as Fayo, Fay, Yosola or Fay-Fay.

Welcome to Fayosola! (I guess I'm using my name because I want it to feel like a personal documentation of my lifestyle)

On this blog, I'll be sharing my experiences and tips on finance, fitness, friendships, food, arts, music, books, travel, and many more.

I work as a finance professional, but also provide finance & bookkeeping, operations and business strategy services to companies. 

If I wasn't doing finance, I would be doing operations.

Random facts about me:

- I'm a believer in Christ

- I'm a first born daughter of a Nigerian Family

- I'm a plant mum

- I have a podcast called Life Diary Podcast with Debs x Fayo.

- I can currently bench 95lbs

- I've failed at 2 businesses

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