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Journeying Through 2023: Embracing Moments and Milestones

For a year I walked on water, this verse helped me so much -"Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you, he will neither fail you nor abandon you" - Deuteronomy 31:8

Happy New Year to you. I'm glad you're reading my recap.

"Image Source: Adeleke Togun"

2023 was a beautiful year; I chose to embrace every moment that came with it and walked on water, holding on to Christ. I'll break down this recap into segments.


I was very intentional about understanding myself more. It dawned on me that I'm more sensitive to words from those I care about than I thought. Despite being the firstborn, I realised I wasn't immune to words – just pretending. Serving others became a significant focus, a lesson from the Holy Spirit that I'm still learning. While my prayer life improved throughout the year, I did slack off a bit in Q4. In 2024, I aim to enhance my prayer life even more because God abeg!

Venturing on solo dates became a surprising joy. People-watching and engaging in random conversations with strangers took me out of my comfort zone. Though I couldn't address every aspect of myself I wish to change, like curbing certain habits, I recognise it's a process.


Starting the year unemployed and miraculously landing a job was a blessing I'm truly thankful for. The growth and knowledge accumulated in my professional space surprised me. Professional development (Certifications) took a bit of a backseat this year, with more focus on maintaining my job. This year, I hope to prioritise certifications and further growth.


My connection with family deepened throughout the year, reaching new levels of intimacy that brought immense joy. I had a conversation with someone about the love between my siblings and me and how I pray it remains this way for life because those are my guys for real. My relationship with my parents blossomed, and I've learned to extend more grace towards them.

My relationship with my friends blossomed; marked by deep conversations, laughter, dance, overall enjoyment of life, love and being loved by them. New friendships also blossomed.

2023 marked the year when I genuinely opened myself up to the possibility of a romantic relationship, not in a serious manner, but acknowledging the readiness for such a chapter in my life after some time.

While there was significant friction in one of my friendships, causing pain, I believe there's a reason for everything.

My 5-9:

Starting this blog was a personal milestone, with the goal of 20 blog posts set and 18 achieved – not bad for a newbie. Writing has become a joy, significantly improving my skills.

Also started an art curation brand which I hope to do some exhibitions this year, and I'm excited to see where that takes me.

Witnessed my plants grow, and some unalived right under my nose. I love seeing them grow, and I'm excited to get more plants this year.

I started colouring, and I can't explain the joy it brings to my inner child. My kids and I will be hustling for colouring books together (big purr).

Despite not releasing as many podcast episodes as planned, I'm determined to make progress this year.

Still going strong at the gym, couldn't deadlift 3 plates but did a 60kg front squat so we move.


My musical journey in 2023 was filled with beautiful songs, with TY Bello's "Heaven Has Come" standing out as my top album. Discovering new artists like Kaestrings, Madisson Ryann Ward, Pastor Courage, Evan & Eris, Marizu, K3ndrick, Sampha, and more added to the joy.

Also got to see Ms. Lauryn Hill live, live!! That was such an experience for me, and one I'm always going to be thankful for. Saw Limoblaze too.

Challenges came my way, but with God and the support of my loved ones, I navigated them with gratitude. I haven't covered every aspect, but this is a glimpse into my year. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who reads and shares my posts. May the new year be filled with joy and laughter for all of us.



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Jan 17

Gurl! What an enviable 2023 you had!

I enjoyed every bit of this read.

Relationships deepening is a big flex, when you have people you love and who love you in this world of sin.

Cheers to a more awesome 2024!


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