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Date Night under $25: Kensington Market Edition

Welcome to another Date Night post. I haven't had enough time to curate content for the "date night under $25" segment, so I pulled out one from my archives.

I decided to try out this challenge I saw online of a lady doing an all-you-can-eat

with $20 at Kensington Market and dragged my friend along.

This was my first time visiting Kensington Market and the energy was giving what it was supposed to give. There are so many stores, and everyone has a high spirit.

Are your date nights (solo, romantic or platonic) repeatedly the same? You should visit Kensington Market and try something different.

We started our night off with tacos from Tacos 101. I got myself some pork tacos, and my friend had chicken tacos. We spent around $7 individually.

Our next stop was Golden Patty. This was my first time trying Jamaican Patty, and it was excellent and spicy. It was a flatter version of the Nigerian meat pie. I frequently go back. This cost $5 for two patties.

Our next stop was Seven Lives for drinks. We went for basic bottled drinks and finished our patty in the store. This cost us around $6.

Short break: One thing I will do when I'm out is take pictures of buildings.

Our next stop was Churros. This melted perfectly in my mouth (We love good food) and cost us $5.

The last stop was my favourite pizza store in Toronto; Fresca Pizza and Pasta. This is outside Kensington Market, but it's on college street and is not far from the market, so you can definitely stop by. Cost around $6 individually.

We ended up with a bill of around $21 individually.

Would you be trying this? Let me know in the comments.




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