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Date Night under $25

Solo date nights are one of my favourite things, and executing it on a budget takes it a notch higher for me.

So what can $25 get you? Many things, but today we're looking at a painting session.

I recreated the book cover art of Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi(one of my favourite authors) and had a beautiful session.

Materials needed:

  • Canvas & easel: $4

  • Acrylic paint: $4

  • Brushes: $3.50

  • Paint palette: $1.25

  • Water: Free

  • Tissue: $1

  • Tax: $1.79

Total: $15.54

All items were purchased from Dollarama and reusable. Prices are listed in CAD.

This session took me about 2 hours. I listened to a playlist created by @thesavedplaylist, lit a candle, had one of my prepped meals, sang, danced, made videos, and was living my grown woman dream.

Let me know if you'll be trying this. Cheers to more solo painting sessions!

Final Product.



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