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My Costa Rica Experience

I remember meeting someone at the airport in Houston after visiting Costa Rica, he asked me where I was coming from, and I responded; Costa Rica. He immediately said "Pura Vida" to me, and I never imagined that two Spanish words would have made me grin the way I did. It was a reminder of the lasting impression Costa Rica had left on my heart.

This post can't even start without me saying, "Come on, let's have it, let's have it"(IYKYK). With that out of the way, let's get right into it.

The plan was to visit Los Cabos, but we changed our minds due to the political climate of Mexico when we were planning our trip, and Costa Rica was chosen when we found Santerena Hotel at Las Catalinas.

Shoutout to Rimike for planning this trip, because my girl was on her Zoom. Upon arriving in Guanacaste, my primary fixation was on food, your girl was hungry. We eventually went to a mall and ordered a delightful meal of fish accompanied by authentic Costa Rican rice and beans. After my delicious meal, I took the time to immerse myself in the surroundings (I'm that girl).

As mentioned earlier, we stayed in a small town called Las Catalinas and lodged in Santerena Hotel. The vibe was giving Morocco, Santorini and Latin America all together. Pura Vida(Pure Life) wasn't just some words they said, but they lived it because "aiye wa".

For me, this journey brought about a profound sense of relaxation. I strolled along the sandy shores, marvelling at the sight of black sand for the very first time. Mornings greeted me with the melodious tunes of chirping birds. I enjoyed savouring fresh seafood, unburdened by work-related concerns. Most importantly, I cherished valuable moments spent in the company of my friends.

The hotel proved to be an investment worth every penny we spent. The staff's excellence, the exquisite decor, the spacious and comforting rooms, and the delectable cuisine all added to its allure. Our trip was a blend of relaxation and light activity, intentionally keeping our itinerary open. Here's a rundown of the activities we engaged in:

  • Sunset Dinner Cruise in Tamarindo: The sunset during this cruise ranked among the most breathtaking I've witnessed in my life. The sheer beauty was a testament to God's Creation.

  • Horseback Riding in the Forest: Riding a horse for an extended period was an experience for me. My horse, Quancho, exhibited a fierce nature, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Tanto's amusing commentaries kept me laughing throughout the ride.

  • Mountain Climbing: While we hadn't anticipated the trail's level of difficulty, our Hotel's concierge surprised us with the second most challenging route. Determinedly, we embarked on this journey, even though I faced challenges with my unexpected period in the middle of the hike. Somehow, we conquered it, and Master Jesus was our guide (Glory!). The views were refreshing.

  • Dinner at Sentido Norte: The combination of delightful food and a captivating view made this dinner experience truly memorable.

Though we also engaged in other impromptu activities, these were the main events we had planned.

I recall our initial evening at Papayo Brew House, where we waited for our meal. Zainab surprised us by hopping onto the table and breaking into dance moves. There was also the night when we spontaneously requested songs from a random DJ at the town centre, dancing the night away. Not to mention the sweet family we encountered, including Big Fred, who gifted me a seashell—a token I later gave my mum. Spontaneously celebrating a birthday with a group of Mexican travellers dancing to Fuji & Latin songs. Our time at the bar with Luiz and Eli was equally remarkable, as they crafted drinks that were yet to grace the menu – a truly exquisite experience. Each of these little moments filled me with immense gratitude.

I wholeheartedly endorse Las Catalinas as a must-visit destination in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Whether you're seeking a variety of vacation experiences, this town offers exceptional value for your investment. I sincerely hope you develop an affection for it as I have. For further insights into the financial, lifestyle, activity, and fashion aspects of the trip, feel free to connect with the girlies on TikTok—Rimike, Tanto, and Zainab.

As for my favourite activity among the ones mentioned, I'm eager to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Here's to a wonderful journey ahead! Cheers!



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