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Solo Date Night with Marmalade

I once saw a video that highlighted the importance of showing people how to love you, but the only way to express this is by spending time by yourself.

August's Solo Date was with Marmalade. Honestly, I haven't planned a well-curated solo date in a minute, thankfully, Marmalade was happening and I grabbed a ticket immediately.

Marmalade: A Kind of Jam, is a unique jam session event that happens in Toronto. Showcasing an array of sets featuring exceptionally talented instrumentalists, from soul-stirring saxophonists to pianists, the event boasts an exquisite curation that is a testament to its creators' passion. What elevates Marmalade to a truly commendable level is its commitment to giving back to the community, as a portion of the ticket sales is dedicated to supporting these communities. It's a blend of artistry and altruism, encapsulated in the very name "A Kind of Jam."

One of the most beautiful aspects of embarking on solo dates is the opportunity to bask in one's own company. A nugget of advice I'd like to impart is to craft an experience centered around activities that genuinely resonate with you. Personally, I find solace in the art of music—its rhythms, melodies, and the way it orchestrates an intimate connection between body and sound.

Marmalade also had electrifying freestyle sessions from vocalists and instrumentalists, and to be within a space with such an overwhelming love for music is an experience beyond words.

To top it off, this delightful date night also remained within the budget of $25. Mark your calendar for the upcoming Marmalade Jam Session on October 26th, and be sure not to miss it! You can check them out here.

Marmalade isn't merely an event; it's an embodiment of artistic expression, community support, and the unifying power of music. My solo date with Marmalade left an unforgettable imprint on my heart, reminding me of the happiness that awaits when we take a step back from our routines and immerse ourselves in the symphony of life.



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