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Toronto's Thriving Comms Specialist: Earning 60K and Taking Charge

Welcome to the first Anonymous Money Monday! I'm thrilled to finally bring this exciting segment to life after having this submission in our inbox for some time. Anonymous Money Monday is a unique feature where we dive into the real-life personal finance stories of individuals from around the world. Through these candid revelations, we aim to shed light on how money flows in and out of their lives.

In this premiere edition of Anonymous Money Monday, we introduce you to a 26-year-old Communications Specialist residing in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada.


I work as a Communications Specialist.


I am employed in the government sector, specifically in long-term care.

Annual Income:

My annual income stands at $60,000 CAD.

Gender and Age:

I'm a 26-year-old female.

Savings & Investments:

I currently have $10,000 set aside in savings and investments.

Average Monthly Expenditure:

On average, my monthly expenses amount to $3,000.

Biggest Monthly Expense:

My largest monthly expense is allocated to food.

Savings Goal:

I have set a savings goal of reaching $20,000.

Income-Boosting Strategies:

I've taken steps to increase my income, though the specifics weren't shared in this interview.

Emergency Fund:

Yes, I do have an emergency fund, and I've used it on various unexpected expenses.

Financial Philosophy:

I firmly believe that financial freedom is of utmost importance. This is why I emphasize the significance of saving and investing.

Most Expensive Purchase:

The most expensive item I've bought is a trip, which amounted to $3,500.

We hope this inaugural edition of "Anonymous Money Monday" has provided you with insights into the financial journey of our featured guest and hope this guest meets their savings goal for the year. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from individuals around the globe as we continue to explore the world of personal finance in future editions.



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