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Free Friday Nights at MOCA

Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the first galleries I visited in Canada. I know of two ways to visit MOCA for free, but we would be looking at the Free Friday Night powered by Scotia Bank. It's from 5 pm - 9 pm.

I went to the winter exhibition last year and recently visited the spring exhibition. You can get tickets online for free or walk-in. Click here to get tickets online(pick free Friday nights).

Some of the current exhibitions:

  • Athena Papadopoulos: The New Alphabet

This exhibition showcased a lot of pieces created with stuffed materials, unwanted furniture and clothing.

As seen on MOCA, "For this exhibition, Papadopoulos has produced two distinct sculptural bodies of work that have been shaped by the isolating experience of the last two years and an ever-present concern that these artworks may never be seen. Installed to resemble an archaeological museum display, Bones for Time takes disused hospital and wool blankets to literally trace aspects of the artist’s body in shapes of letters, resulting in a variety of alphabetically orchestrated, ossified sculptural bodies"

  • Serkan Özkaya: ni4ni v.3

This exhibition showcased an eyeball that reflects your image when you stand in front of it and this was my favourite.

As seen on MOCA, "This work uses digital technology, combined with a massive mirrored sphere, to create an immersive, site-specific visitor experience that is poignant, reflexive, and encourages audiences to explore ideas of time, perception, and self within the space."

  • Kapwani Kiwanga: Remediation

This exhibition showcased the essence of nature and was thoughtfully curated.

As seen on MOCA, "Kiwanga presents five new commissions, including a site-specific version of her ongoing sisal installations on the Museum’s free-of-charge Ground Floor, as well as flooring and window interventions. These are presented alongside key existing artworks, such as an updated series of inflatable vivariums from 2020, The Marias, 2020, and Vumbi, 2012.

Through this curated selection, Kiwanga expands on her research into how botany has long held a relationship to exploitation and acts of resistance and how plant life has and may intervene in the rejuvenation of contaminated environments.

This project builds upon the relationship established between Kiwanga and MOCA during the presentation of her highly acclaimed work Flowers for Africa, shown at the Museum in 2021."

You can add this to one of your Date Nights (solo or not) and enjoy another activity under $25.

Check it out, and don't forget to let me know if you did and which exhibition was your favourite.




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